Avondale/Waterview Historical Society Inc.

Villa believed to be situated on either ex Bell farm or Pollen farm

The Avondale/Waterview Historical Society Inc. was incorporated on 5 June 2002 and has over 95 paid members. The journal has a distribution of 180, and is now lodged with the National Library in Wellington. The current president is Lisa J Truttman who attended the first hui for the Rosebank Project on August 29th 2012 at Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae, Unitec.

An Avondale Flower Garden (Girl under 12)”. Prize winning child’s garden at Avondale in
1903. The competition was run by the Auckland Horticultural Society. Source: The New Zealand
Farmer, January 1903, xvi.

The Avondale Historical Journal was inspired by the newsletters of the Avondale History Group (1990-1994), and started in August 2001 as a means by which contact could be maintained with those interviewed forHeart of the Whau. The Journal was originally therefore a means of communication for the HOTW Project, but in 2002, on incorporation, it was adopted by the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society as that Society’s journal.

Rosebank Peninsula Periphery Study.pdf

The Rosebank Peninsula Landscape Study.pdf

Auckland City Council – Item 15, 1929-1939

Auckland City Council 007 – Item 8, 1929-1954