Darryl Torckler

Darryl is a diverse freelance photographer, with expert technical skills, and the ability to capture light, movement and exquisite detail in a single frame. Particularly well regarded for his underwater photography, Darryl’s success in this area is linked to both his photographic skills, and patience, and his understanding for the environment he works within. When searching for the ultimate natural history image. Darryl has resorted to building his own equipment, modified commercially available equipment and spent many hours observing the ever-changing marine environment.

Darryl’s affinity with the marine environment is a major feature of his work – his lifetime of experience allows him to get into situations other might dream of. Darryl believes that conservation relies upon understanding; and that understanding can be achieved through visual exposure. And since few will ever see underwater themselves, and even fewer will observe pristine underwater environs, Darryl believes outstanding natural history photography can have ecological impact.

Ecological balance between man, the oceans and the creatures that live there will only ever be achieved once we understand the full spectrum of all and their needs. For Darryl, photography is one of many integral contributors to this.

Since 1990, Darryl has been a self-employed photographer. During that time, he has sold his stock photography images through Getty Images in the UK and PhotoNewZealand in NZ, and his work has featured in many magazines (both editorial and advertising).


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