Haru Sameshima

Haru Sameshima was born in 1958, Shizuoka City, Japan.  Immigrated to New Zealand 1973.  He was taught photography by his scientist father at early age.  He worked in small Dunedin photographic studio learning the craft before attending Otago Polytechnic Art School in 1980, then completing BFA (1992) and MFA (1995) at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland.

Sameshima has been exhibited and published widely in New Zealand. His on-going photographic essays include eco- Tourism 1990 to present – photographic investigation of the touristic-construction of places and imagery of New Zealand, Souvenir from the tourist sites of popular tourist destinations from the globe. He is the author of Bold Centuries: a photographic history album, published by Rim Books and PhotoForum in 2009. This publication features Sameshima’s own photography along with historical and found images. It is compiled with essays examining the various ways in which photographs depict the surroundings to construct sense of histories.

Sameshima has also shown portfolios in International Triennial Bright Paradise at Auckland Art Gallery (2001), Wonderland at Govett-Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth (1999) and  Fotographia, Festival Internationale Di Roma. Italy 2006.


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