Kathy Waghorn

FRISK Limited is the umbrella entity for work by Kathy Waghorn, an architect, artist and academic. Working across these fields and in collaboration with others, FRISK develops projects that amplify, intensify or concentrate the representation or experience of place, with the aim to promote or provoke attachment to our shared public realm. Website coming soon! Blog at frisk-ltd.blogspot.co.nz/ Projects include:

The Fluid City Roaming Laboratory is a collaborative project between staff with expertise in microbiology, geography, planning, education, dance and architecture from The University of Auckland. Funded by the university’s Transforming Cities Research Initiative the project created a mobile audio-visual performance work that drew attention to the missing, lost, subterranean and ephemeral streams, wetlands and floodplains of the city alongside stories that remind us of the ways that water forms bothself and place. The first incarnation of The Fluid City took part at Silo Park, Auckland, as part of World Water Day, 2012.

Kei konei koe:? Tapuwae ki T?maki Makaurau,You Are Here: Mapping Auckland (2011, Auckland Museum). A collaborative project between Auckland Museum, Kathy Waghorn, Cris De Groot and students from Unitec. Finalist the Designers’ Institute of NZ Best Awards 2012.


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