Kerryn McMurdo

Kerryn is an Auckland-based contemporary dancer and performing artist and has been dancing, performing and choreographing since graduating from Unitec New Zealand in 2000, with a BPSA in contemporary dance. Since then, Kerryn has continued training in dance and performance practices in New Zealand, such as Bodyweather techniques (MAU/Lemi Ponifasio, Charles Koroneho) improvisation and performance techniques (Kristian Larsen, Charles Koroneho) improvised partnering (choreographer Michael Parmenter TACTICS) and choreographic workshops with choreographers Carol Brown (NZ/UK), Jeremy Nelson (US) Marru Geku (AUST), Marc Brew (UK).

Kerryn has performed solo dance works The Sorting House for the launch of New Zealand Dance Festival -Tempo (Akld/NZ) 2009 and Skeletal Precipice for NZ Fringe Festival of Arts, Dance Your Socks Off Dance Festival (Wgtn/NZ), Ignite Emerging Choreographers Youth Festival (Akld/NZ) in 2003 and seasons at the Silo Theatre, Musgrove Studio Theatre and Lopdell House Gallery, (Akld/NZ) in 2002. Kerryn has toured nationally and internationally with renowned New Zealand dance company MAU/Lemi Ponifasio  Requiem – Mostly Mozart Festival (NYC/U.S.A)2008, LIFT-London International Festival of Theatre (Lon/UK) 2007, New Crowned Hope Festival (Vienna/AUS), KVS Theatre season (Brussels/BE), Celebrate Pasifika Festival (AK/NZ) 2006, Sky City Theatre season (Akld/NZ) 2005. She has also toured with mixed ability company Touch Compass Dance Trust.

Kerryn works extensively as a dancer, performer, choreographer and collaborator with theatre and film directors, independent choreographers for dance  performance, cabaret, corporate and installation and site-specific projects. Kerryn is the new dance lecturer and tutor on the dance program at Unitec New Zealand. She is also the coordinator of IndependANCE (2012-08) which has previously been funded by Creative New Zealand Arts Council, yet is now self-funded. It is the only initiative in Auckland that provides professional weekly contemporary, ballet, muscle & bone and improvisation training classes and workshops for dancers, actors, performance artists and fitness enthusiasts in Auckland, New Zealand. This year, Kerryn has been appointed a position on the board for the New Zealand Dance Festival Trust for Tempo dance festival.

Kerryn is currently researching 2 new works: a new experimental solo dance and performance-dissertation titled From His Rib to be performed 2013 and a performance-lecture in collaboration with Dr Scott Wilson titled Interstitial Belonging, to be performed in international academic conferences in 2013.


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