Nick Spratt

Nick Spratt is an Auckland-based artist who has been exhibiting throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe for more than a decade. He has recently completed a residency at the Banff Centre in Canada, and has also undertaken residencies in Incheon and Anyang in South Korea, and the NKD Centre in Norway.

His practice moves between the conventions of visual art and graphic design. With a specific interest in shared space and the shifting line between public and private domains, he develops projects that examine the histories and contexts surrounding systems for communication and discourse. These projects usually centre around tools or platforms for exchange, particularly models that allow for informal, localised and self-organised methods for education and dialogue, such as noticeboards, walking tours, workshops, cooking circles and self-publishing.

This interest in the spaces and structures of exchange has been informed by his work as a university lecturer as well as his time spent during the fifteen years as a founding co-director of RM, New Zealand’s longest running artist-run-space. His collaborations with William Hsu and Lauren Winstone have also been an important part of this practice.


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