Nina Patel

Nina Patel is a director of Te Wiata Studio- an art, architecture and urban design studio based in Avondale, Auckland.

Te Wiata Studio’s urban design projects focus on improving local suburban environments and have a special interest in addressing the unique characteristics and identity of T?maki Makaurau, Auckland.

Nina’s urban design aims are: to create unique design solutions that reflect our varied landscape and cultures in Aotearoa New Zealand, to investigate new ways to engage individuals and communities to play a part in their urban design environment, to reconsider and improve the role of industry in our city/ suburbs and to investigate new housing alternatives.

Nina has recently completed a Masters Degree in Urban Design at the University of Auckland. Her masters work primarily focussed on how the existing portage routes in Auckland could be regenerated and reincorporated back into our contemporary sub/urban environment and landscape.

She is currently working on a collaborative project that extends this work and aims to regenerate, reconnect and reconsider the edges and places alongside Te Whau River (between Green Bay, Blockhouse Bay, Avondale and New Lynn) that follow the historic Portage route and formed the previous boundary and edge between the former Waitakere and Auckland City Councils.

She is also a member of the recently formed Avondale Community Action.


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